Subodh Patnaik

Subodh Patnaik is an Indian theatre director and playwright from Odisha. He is the founder of Bhubaneswar-based theatre group Natya Chetana and theatre village ‘Natya Grama’. Patnaik is the only theatre personality from Odisha to tour all the continents. He has formed Natya Chetana, a theatre group consisting of 25 artistes. His play Sindhi premiered in 9 June 2016 in Kalikasthan, Achham at Nepal.

Attending Session

April 22, 2020 ● 5.40pm
The Rhymes they’re a changing - Sitakant Mahapatra, Anant Mahapatra, Subodh Patnaik and Sucheta Mishra on changing rhymes and muses that morph. In conversation with Dash Benhur. (Odia Session)