Sucheta Mishra

Sucheta Mishra is an eminent Odia poet, story writer, novelist and translator. She has 8 poetry collections, 3 novels, one collection of essays and 1 short story collections in Odia to her credit. She has translated the novels of Punjabi writer Dalip Kaur Tiwana, and the poetry collection of Hindi poet Ramesh Chandra Saha into Odia. She is the recipient of the Odisha Sahitya Akademi Award, Gangadhar Foundation Award, Bhubaneswar Book Fair Award, among others. She is presently engaged as an Assistant Teacher in Convent School, Puri.

Attending Session

April 22, 2020 ● 5.40pm
The Rhymes they’re a changing - Sitakant Mahapatra, Anant Mahapatra, Subodh Patnaik and Sucheta Mishra on changing rhymes and muses that morph. In conversation with Dash Benhur. (Odia Session)