Tanuj Bhojwani

Tanuj Bhojwani is a storyteller who codes. He holds a chemical engineering degree from IIT Bombay. He also attended Ashoka University and studied liberal arts at the Young India Fellowship. His training in the sciences and humanities allows him to craft narratives about technology that are accessible without sacrificing technical depth. As a Fellow at iSPIRT Foundation, Tanuj works on policy issues related to digital identity, payments, data protection and drones. Prior to iSPIRT, Tanuj has been a VC and an entrepreneur. When not reading or writing, Tanuj spends his time obsessing over board games, digital productivity systems and magic. He lives and works in Bengaluru.

Attending Session

March 13, 2022 ● 11 AM
The Art of Bitfulness Nandan Nilekani* and Tanuj Bhojwani discuss their new book with Monica Nayyar Patnaik